Aled Jones - Celebrating 50 years of BAB

14 June 2022

By Aled Jones - NFU Cymru President

“NFU Cymru is extremely proud to be part of the British Agricultural Bureau (BAB) and to be part of the hugely valuable contribution that it has made to European food and farming over the last 50 years. 

Being an integral part of BAB has provided our membership with access and influence at the very highest levels of European politics, as well as a close working relationship with the European farming organisations through our membership of COPA COGECA.

Over the last 50 years Welsh members and staff have been fully involved in inputting and influencing European agricultural and rural policy formation through our involvement on various committees and engagement with MEP and commissioners alike. That involvement has ensured that the voice of Welsh farming has been fully heard.

Whilst our relationship with Europe may have changed in recent years, NFU Cymru recognises the vital importance of standing alongside our cousins on the continent and maintaining close working relationships with our colleagues across Europe. It is our strong belief that now, more than ever, that we as farmers have a united voice to deal with global challenges we face such as food security, farming in harmony with nature and meeting net zero.

BAB continues to be our eyes and ears in Brussels and we look forward to continuing this relationship for the next 50 years.”