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UK trade policy must respect domestic production standards and support a strong, competitive agricultural industry

Trade is fundamental to agriculture, the value chain it services and for the consumers who buy our products. The UK farming unions want to see international trade outcomes that support farmers to grow their businesses and to produce food for our domestic market and beyond. Whilst the UK government is actively seeking new trade deals and relationships across the globe, as our closest and biggest market the EU remains an important trading partner and a primary concern for UK farmers. This is particularly true for farmers operating in Northern Ireland who, under the Northern Ireland Protocol, will continue to follow EU rules on product standards. UK farmers share a common goal with our European colleagues to create a trading relationship that is as frictionless as possible and minimises unnecessary additional costs. This needs to be pursued by policymakers on both sides in a constructive, open and cooperative manner.

The UK farming unions will continue to work together, with industry stakeholders and with government to ensure the UK’s trading position benefits our farmers and our consumers, both at home and abroad, who truly value quality, sustainable and climate-friendly food.